Small, but big in results!

Grefo Prepress is a full service graphic production company. Whether it is a corporate identity, campaign, magazine, illustrations, brochure, booklet or digital edition, we can make it for you. From our creativity, insight, inspiration and experience, we try again and again to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Who are we?
Who are we?

We are a family company with over 30 years experience in the printing industry. As a result we have much experience and an extensive network, so we can surely satisfy your needs. We look forward to providing you a stylish and beautifully designed layout and maintain clear communication, furthermore we guarantee good quality and fast delivery at a favorable price.

What do we do?

Shaping ambitions, binding messages to images and vice versa, strengthen benefits, serve purposes. We design what you mean and want to communicate. We believe in a personal approach and clear communication. After all, you want your ideas to be translated into a beautiful, clear and communicative powerful product. We guarantee a catchy design and perfect execution.

Grefo projects
What do we produce?

We are uniquely qualified to process your needs and requirements in the product desired by you: flyers, brochures, branding, displays, posters, newsletters, annual reports, magazines, etc., books, digital media, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless: have a look at our project gallery for some examples of projects we realized.



Our designs

The fact that our designs look great starts by listening carefully to our client. Then we strategically and creatively make an effort. We love our profession and achieving results for our clients.


Our method

With us you are in direct contact with the creative persons, not with managers or consultants. Short lines and clear communication keep the goals intact and dialogue sharp.


Our products

We deliver fast tangible results at an affordable price. Budget and deadlines are monitored carefully by us.


Use our knowledge and experience!

The work we do is all encompassing. Your design is achieved through our various skills.

  • Creative design
  • Layout of text and images
  • Vectorization of logos and illustrations
  • Printing
  • Processing of foreign languages (a.o. Greek, Latin and Russian)
  • Data conversion


  • Gino Weel

    Design & production

  • Chantal Bekkers-Weel

    Design & production

  • Mirjam Weel-van Breemen


  • Koosje Weel-Spruyt